Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Well it has been awhile since we posted.  We do have an active Facebook account which may be of help. Rainmaker Ranch Labradoodles Facebook

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's up here at the Ranch?

Well we have a 2 puppies of the 11 born from Stella and Dash available as of today. They are just a few weeks old and will be going home the second weekend in March from our mt. pleasant (Charleston) SC location. If you would like to see them follow this link and click on Stella/Dash.

Our puppies from Delilah and Briz are growing up, just 4 weeks old now and all placed with wait list families.

Next on the agenda we are expecting puppies from Pearl in york SC, Mediums in all colors and may have a few openings. Following Pearl will be Kiwi and Tootsie over the coming months so check back later.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A watched pot....

Still waiting for Kiwi to deliver her puppies. We would expect them tonight or tomorrow. She just looks at me and I am sure wonders what I am waiting for. I will email all our wait list families as soon as they all arrive.

Next on the agenda is Delilah and Dash in Cincinnati OH plus Stella and Dash in Charleston SC. I would expect both to deliver sometime in December. Following these doodle families would be Andie in Montgomery OH about a month later.
Pictured is Brando (an up and coming stud) from Delilah and Charlie's last litter.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lots of Labradoodle Puppies on the way.


We have puppies looking for homes. Even with our wait list it seems we have just had too many cream/apricot boys (Casey had a litter of 11 babies on Sept 16th) . Plus we have Stella and Dash expecting October 8th (Standards in Cream, Black and Parti) in Charleston South Carolina followed by Kiwi/Dash and Callie/Dash due the end of October in Cincinnati Ohio.

We still have two males available in the most recent litter of Casey and Luke born on September 16th is the link for these one week old babies.

Thanks, Krista

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kiwi and Tritons Puppies at home, pictures from the families

Calling all puppies: Cinnamon, Angus, Hershey, Pierre, Rascal and McKenzie

We have started to get pictures from the puppies now home and almost 4 months old. Everyone is doing great with training and socialization!

Pictured is Cinnamon (Black/Grey and White) from NY, city living. Angus (chocolate) resides in SC and McKenzie (Cream and Apricot) loving CT.

Kiwi is great and happy to know her puppies are so loved.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello families December 22, 2008,

We have good new, good news, good news and bad news.

We had ultrasounds on Sunday. Andie is pregnant with at least a half dozen or more puppies. Callie is due with at least a half dozen or more puppies. Stella is in heat and was here this weekend with Cindy in Ohio to “visit” Dexter and all went great. We will know if Stella is pregnant in 4 weeks, she had 12 puppies last litter. Casey is not pregnant this time.

We should have puppies for everyone that wants one! We should know more when we have the x-ray, all I can say is sitting here next to Andie she is huge and looks really full. Callie is still early but the ultrasound was good.

Remember it is Andie and Triton Mini and all colors including parti. Callie and Triton Medium (large Mini to small Standards) all chocolate and parti, Stella and Dexter Medium and Standards white, caramel, cream, apricot, and red all possible.

Andie is due around the 12th of January, Callie the 22nd of January and Stella around February 22nd. Home to you all 8 weeks after whelp.

We are very excited and expect to be contacting families for Andie around the 12th with birth pictures. Below is the wait list please tell me if your preferences have changed. Those in read should be up for adoption.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update at Rainmaker Ranch November 2008

Well I should have known if I sent out an update before the end of the month I would have to send another.

I am happy to report one of Kiwi’s full sisters who is also Casey’s niece, Stella’s daughter, Callie’s and Andie’s half niece (okay so as you can tell all our females are related) has passed her Assistance Dog Testing, the youngest dog to have ever passed at 7 months of age. Please note there is a difference between CGC Dog (Canine Good Citizen and allowed to visit hospitals), Therapy Dogs (service by presence) and Service Dogs (trained for full service to those with disabilities). We have dogs reaching all three types of service now that Muffin (Casper and Stella) has passed her ADI. This is what Dino Brownson (well respected service dog trainer) had to say about Muffin.

“She is the most perceptive dog I have ever trained or been with. I took her to the county Court House last week and she is now registered as follows with a tag that reads: Ohio Handicapped Assistance Dog, Permanent Registration 3643. I think that I may have mentioned that she is the youngest puppy to have ever passed the ADI Public Access test.” --Dino

Please verify your preferences if they have changed or we got them wrong, email us.

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